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Published on 3 May, 2024
In today’s newsletter, I want to share a story with you about the power of belief and never losing sight of your dream.
Have you heard of Steve Harvey before?
He is a legendary comedian, radio presenter, the host of ‘Family Feud’, a best-selling author, motivational speaker and so much more. 
He’s a man that inspires me.
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When Steve was in the 6th grade, his teacher asked all the students to write down what they wanted to be when they grew up.
Although little Stevie was from a poor family, wore hand-me-down clothes and had a stuttering problem – he knew exactly what he wanted to be.
He wanted to be on TV.
He wanted to make people laugh like Bill Cosby did. 
So he wrote down on his piece of paper “I want to be on TV” and handed it in.
He felt excited when his teacher called him to the front of the class to read out what he had written. 
This was his moment to share his dream! 
“Little Stevie, what did you write down?”
With his chest puffed out – oozing with confidence, he proclaimed:
“I want to be on TV!”
But his enthusiasm quickly turned to defeat when he heard his teacher’s response…
“Why did you write that on your paper? Do you know anyone on TV?”
“No Ma’am…”
“Has anyone in your family been on TV?”
“No Ma’am…”
“Stevie, you can’t be on TV. Take this paper home and you write something more realistic and bring it back tomorrow.”
At that moment, little Stevie’s dreams were crushed.
His 6th grade teacher embarrassed him in front of the whole class. 
His teacher imposed her own self-doubts and limitations on little Stevie. She put his dreams in a box. She spoke the words of a dream-killer – ‘be more realistic’. She didn’t understand the damaging effects her words could have on a young person’s mind.
Despite what the Nay-Sayers tell you, never lose faith in your dream
His teacher called his Mum to let her know little Stevie had been talking nonsense in class. 
His homework was to come back the next day with something more realistic written on his piece of paper.  
When little Stevie got home from school, his mum blasted him.
“Why didn’t you just write down something the teacher wanted to hear on the piece of paper?” 
He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
Turns out his mum was a dream-killer too… 
What was his Dad going to say?
His Dad was the disciplinarian of the house-hold. The enforcer. The man who handed out ass-whoopin’s.
When his Dad got home from work, his Mum told his Dad what went down at school.
After dinner, little Stevie’s Dad took him up to his bedroom.
Little Stevie started to unbuckle his belt, pre-empting the almighty ass-whoopin’ his Dad was about to unleash on him for talking nonsense in class.
But to little Stevie’s surprise, the ass-whoopin’ never came. 
Instead, little Stevie and his Dad agreed to keep his teacher happy. On a new piece of paper they wrote down ‘I want to be a policeman’ – something more realistic.   
But what his Dad said next, changed his life FOREVER.
“Stevie, take out that first paper you wrote. Put it in your top drawer. Now every morning before you go to school and every night before you go to sleep, you read that paper. And you BELIEVE that one day you will be on TV.” 
The rest is history. 
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We had the honour of sitting in the front row to watch Mr. Steve Harvey share his gift on our last day in Atlanta.
He was literally a metre away from us. 
I could see the spit fly from his mouth into the audience after he told a joke. 
I was in awe.
It was incredible to witness a master at their craft. 
He had the whole audience in stitches for 3 hours! 
It was gold. 
His son Broderick took Kaci and I on the stage during the break to take some photos.
A surreal experience. 
How did it all happen?
Well I’ve got my sister Amelia and her husband Gordon to thank.
You see, my sister was working for billionaires on a superyacht a few years ago.
She met her partner Gordon on the superyacht – an incredible chef who is one of the most hard-working and humble people I’ve met.
During their time on the superyacht, Steve Harvey and his family hired the yacht.
Mrs. Harvey fell in love with Gordon’s incredible cooking and gave him a proposition:
“Do you want to come work with us in America?”
It was an offer too good to refuse.
For the past 3 years, Gordon has been Steve Harvey’s family’s personal chef. 
Amelia has been Mrs. Harvey’s personal trainer and is now playing a big role in managing both Mr & Mrs health regime.
Amelia is the one who connected Steve Harvey with Gary Brecka from ‘10X Health’ – the No. 1 Biohacking Expert in the World! 
And now Steve Harvey is in the best shape of his life! 
It was incredible being in Atlanta and seeing the life my sister and her partner Gordon have created together, and the amazing opportunity they have to work with such an incredible and caring family. 
But none of this would have been possible if little Stevie had given up on his dream in the 6th grade. 
If his Dad hadn’t poured belief into him when he was down and out, who knows where he’d be now?
We all need someone to believe in us.
Who can you pour belief into today?
Big Love,

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