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Published on 26 Apr, 2024
In today’s Newsletter I will share the story of how I turned my supplement expense into $49,137.40 of cold hard cash. 
Taking care of your health must be your highest priority.
Because if your health suffers, EVERYTHING suffers.
The problem is taking care of your health is damn expensive. 
  • Supplements
  • Buying organic food
  • Gym memberships & PT
But if you don’t invest in your health now, you will pay the consequences later in life. 
It’s the same with finances.
If you don’t start investing now, you will pay the consequences later in life.
Delayed gratification – if you don’t practice this habit, you’re f*cked. 
I’m someone who loves training. 
I’ve been training in the gym for 15+ years now. 
When it comes to health – nutrition, training and recovery are the most important ingredients.
Supplements can then be thrown into the mix to give you an ‘edge’ in your performance.
I’m someone who’s always looking for an ‘edge’ in anything I do. 
It’s fair to say I love my supps. 
Over the years I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars on supplements.
Image item
Three years ago I learned how to turn my supplement expense into an income stream.
And it’s the story I want to share with you today.
A Random Guy on Social Media Becomes my Mentor
I still remember this moment vividly.
It was Sunday night. 
Kaci and I had the mattress out in the lounge room. 
We were watching MAFS (Married at First Sight) – our guilty pleasure. 
I was scrolling Instagram during the ad breaks, and a post from a guy I’d been following for ages popped up.
I loved his content (he also spoke about money and wealth like me), and I’d been wanting to reach out to him to build a connection.
So I decided to buy his e-book.
I immediately downloaded the book and started reading through it at lightning speed (while I had one eye on MAFS). 
I was hooked! 
I love geeking out on all things money. 
In his book I learned about the three types of income:
  1. Active Income (from your job)
  2. Residual Income (from business systems)
  3. Passive Income (from your investments)
I was already earning active and passive income, but I was not aware of residual income. 
A gap opened up for me. 
“How the hell do I start earning residual income?”
As soon as I finished reading the book I messaged him on Instagram and started a conversation. After some back and forwards he invited me onto a Zoom call to connect.
We instantly hit it off.
We connected over our passion for investing in the stock market. He was ten years ahead of me on his journey, so it was great to hear his strategy for how he built a million dollar share portfolio in his 30’s (something I wanted to do).
He told me his secret was earning all three income types.
  1. Earning active income from your job
  2. Building an online business to earn residual income
  3. Using your residual income to build your share portfolio
I could see step two was missing for me.
While he worked his day job he built an online business in his spare time. After a few years of building it, he reached a point where he could retire his wife and quit his day job.
I was inspired by his story and it opened up a whole new world to me. 
I learned how some companies use different marketing strategies to share their products. 
Instead of paying millions of dollars in advertising, some companies pay their customers ‘referral bonuses’ for sharing their products with others. 
Because word of mouth referrals are the most powerful marketing method on the planet!
It’s what good businesses do. 
I do this in my coaching business. If someone refers me a new client and they sign up, I pay the referrer a $500 referral bonus to to say ‘thank you’.
The company he had aligned with was a company that paid referral bonuses in the health & wellness space. He’d been using their products to get in the best shape of his life and earn a serious income on the side (I’m talking $5,000+ per week).
This was a big tick for me because health has always been my highest value. 
And if I could find a way to get paid for being healthy – how good would that be?! 
I had nothing to lose, but everything to gain. 
So when he asked me if I wanted to give it a go, I enthusiastically said ‘yes’.
He sent me a link, and I invested $450 to purchase my first supplement pack.
The Call to Adventure
Later that week, before my pack had even arrived – he reached out to me. 
“Hey Dan, there’s a corporate event the company is running in Melbourne in a couple weeks time. You should come. It will be well worth your time.”
At this point in our relationship, I barely knew the guy. 
And here he was inviting me to some event in Melbourne before I’d even tried the supps! 
Image item
I was looking for every excuse in the book to say ‘no’ to his invitation.
But something deep down within me could sense the potential in this opportunity. 
From my coaching journey, I’d already learned the power of ‘Saying YES – and then figuring out the details later’
It’s a motto I’ve lived by ever since.
So I told him I would get there.
Now you’ve got to understand, at this stage of my journey I’d only just quit my engineering career and become full-time in my coaching business. 
I wasn’t earning much income. 
I had less than $500 in my business account. 
And I had bills to pay!
To fly from Whyalla (regional South Australia) to Melbourne plus pay for accommodation was a big expense.  
But I was committed.
I hustled in my coaching business and made some sales so I could fund the trip to Melbourne. 
This meant I now had more ‘skin in the game’ – an important ingredient you need if you want to do well in anything (if you don’t risk losing anything, you will never gain anything). 
The decision to take a big risk and fly to Melbourne to meet a guy I didn’t know and go to an event with a bunch of strangers was the catalyst for the success that came my way later on.
Image item
When I got back from Melbourne I was excited to see my supplement pack had finally arrived. 
The next day I started taking the supps.
Within a couple weeks of using these new supplements, my physique and energy were starting to change. 
And people were beginning to notice. 
I shared an image to my Facebook story of my physical transformation. 
Image item
Someone saw my picture and reached out to me asking what I was doing to get in such great shape.
I told them about the new supps I was using.
I sent them a link.
And this person became my first customer. 
They still order products to this very day. 
[If you’re reading this you know who you are, and I thank you. You never forget your first customer.] 
New Income Stream Level Unlocked
The following Monday I received a notification from my bank.
$194.92 landed in my account. 
It was a commission for sharing the supplements with the person who reached out to me.
I couldn’t believe it!
I now had first-hand proof of what was possible. 
The random guy on the internet I reached out to wasn’t lying. 
To commemorate this significant milestone of my journey I printed off and framed my first payment.
Image item
Today marks exactly three years since I received that life-changing payment.
Since that first payment I’ve received an income almost every week totalling $49,137.40. 
That’s an average of $309 per week. 
Not bad for something I do in my spare time. 
I’ve called it, ‘Turning my Protein into Profits’.
But here’s the thing… 
There’s no such thing as something for nothing. 
I didn’t simply switch supplement suppliers and then money started rolling into my bank account. 
  • I had to take a big risk
  • I had to become a product of the product
  • I had to commit time and energy to learn new skills
But the time I’ve invested, the skills I’ve developed and the people I’ve met on the journey have been invaluable.
The extra income on the side has been the cherry on top. 
If you want to learn more about the supps I’ve been using for the past three years to get in the best health of my life and earn an extra income on the side – click here.
Enjoy your weekend,

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