ABOUT Daniel

After feeling unfulfilled working as a Mechanical Engineer in the Steel & Mining industry for 10+ years, Daniel decided to take a leap of faith and leave the security of his 9 to 5 career to build his own business as a Financial Coach. 

By combining his passions for personal development and personal finance, Daniel created his MISSION. Helping millennials build habits that will set them up for long-term financial success. 

Daniel has spent the past four years developing his craft and has now clocked up over 600+ hours of coaching experience and has 50+ Success Stories using his methods.



  • Build Habits that will set you up for long-term financial success
  • Track your income and expenses by hand everyday to gain conscious awareness of your spending habits 
  • Reprogram your mind for financial success with the 21 Day Challenge audio 

‘Money Mastery with Marshy’ Membership

  • Instant Access to an Online Portal Of Content so you can start improving your financial skills right away
  • The ‘Money Management Blueprint’ –  a fool proof system to help manage your money so that you have funds left over at the end of the month
  • Live Fortnightly Q&A / Group Coaching Calls to get coaching around your personal situation

1:1 Coaching 

  • Fast-track your journey towards achieving your most important financial and personal goals
  • 12 months of 1:1 coaching, support and accountability to ensure you’re making progress
  • Gain full access to everything else I offer

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