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Published on 10 May, 2024
“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.” – Napoleon Hill
Vulnerability is powerful.
In a world where everyone wants to be seen as successful, it takes courage to show your weaknesses.
I had no idea the vulnerable post I shared on FB/IG last week would blow up as much as it did!
The energy of the people who engaged with my post sparked a massive surge of creativity and action within me! 
Thank you. 
In the past, I’ve made the mistake of not leveraging momentum when I’ve had it.
I wasn’t going to repeat this mistake again.
You see, business is like surfing
You’re out in the ocean trying to catch a wave. 
Sometimes you’re waiting a long time for the waves to roll in. 
There are many false starts. 
You paddle into a wave and get dumped…
But you stay out in the ocean and persist. 
Then out of nowhere, you see the perfect wave roll in. You paddle hard. You stand up. And you ride with the momentum and force of the ocean. It feels incredible! 
That’s what business is like.
When it feels like you’re about to catch the perfect wave, DO NOT stop paddling!
And make sure you ride the momentum for as long as you can.
Because you never know when the next wave will come along… 

‘Why Managing Your Money is Sexy AF! (and the most important money skill to learn)’

As a result of the momentum I was riding from the wave I caught last week, new ideas and opportunities started to flow into my life.

One of these ideas was a running a free virtual training.
To promote the event on socials I took a ‘sexy photo’ of myself wearing my wife Kaci’s nightgown.
Image item
One of my friends commented on the post…
“You better be wearing that get up for the MC tonight 🤣”
I LOL’d at the thought of doing that.
The words of a business mentor echoed in my mind, 
“If you’re not having fun in business, then you’re doing it wrong!”
Challenge accepted.

For the entirety of the training I wore my wifes nightgown to bring some playfulness to the topic of money management.

It was a hoot (I think I had a little too much fun haha)!
If you want to see a grown ass man dressed in his wifes nightgown teaching money management, then click the image below. 

(Skip right to the end to see me rock out to Freddie Mercury’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ if you want a good laugh)

Image item
80% of people struggle to make it past the first week…
The next round of the ‘Fix your Finances’ Challenge 🎯is coming up on the 20th of May. 

During the first three rounds of the challenge we’ve had over 100 people join.

But this time, we’re doing things a little differently.
In the past we’ve run the challenge over 21 days.
But what I’ve found is that 80% of people struggle to make it past the first week.
Building new habits isn’t easy, you know…
So I’ve decided to make this round a 7 day challenge to ensure a high completion rate. 
Because there’s nothing worse than signing up for something and not completing it (then feeling like you’ve been defeated).  

This time the challenge will be hosted in the ‘Money Mastery with Marshy’ community on ‘Skool’.

During your time in the challenge you will have full access to all the other course material that I host on the platform.

Image item
If you want to join us in the next round of the ‘Fix your Finances’ Challenge then Click this link.
Wishing you chill Friday vibes (from the Gold Coast),

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