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Published on 31 Aug, 2023

We’ve been living in our rental for 18 months now.

Since the day we moved in, the filtered drinking water in the kitchen has poured slowly.

Initially the slow-flow caused us frustration.

But we adapted.

We learnt to leave our water bottles under the tap and then go do something else while the water filled up.

We accepted the slow-flow as something we had to put up with.

Even though Kaci’s Step Dad and Uncle suggested numerous times to change the filters to improve the flow.

We kept putting it off.

We got used to the slow-flow.

Until last week.

The slow-flow got worse…

After Kaci’s parents stayed with us we thought enough is enough.

It wasn’t the slow-flowing water that motivated me to take action. It was the thought of Kaci’s parents coming back again in a few months time and the problem still wasn’t fixed.

It would be a knock to my character.

Thankfully there’s a Bunnings store close by. I went to source some filters, only to come back home and realise this water filtration system was serviced and maintained by ‘Puratap’.

Kaci gave them a call and booked in a time for them to come and replace the filters.

On the phone they told Kaci the filters had not been changed since 2017!

No wonder the water was pouring so slow…

They had to replace the whole filter unit because it was that old.

The serviceman installed the new filter system, turned on the tap, and just like magic we had fresh free-flowing water to drink!

Our water bottles filled up so fast.

Why did we put this off so long?

It felt so good.

It was like when your nose is blocked and then you roll to the other side. And for a few moments both your nostrils are clear.

You know that feeling?

Ahhhh Heaven.

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Now why am I sharing this story with you?

Because, there is an important message.



We tolerated the slow-flowing water and so that is exactly what we got.

We put up with the frustration for so long that it became the new normal.

We accepted this was just how things were.

But that was BS.

We weren’t taking responsibility for the problem.

It took external accountability from our family before we decided to RAISE OUR STANDARDS and not put up with this problem any longer.

And it was such a simple fix!

Now we get to experience the benefits of raising our standards.

Fresh and fast-flowing water to drink.

When it comes to your finances, what have you been tolerating for far too long?


Maybe you’ve been tolerating:

    • Simply getting by
    • Dipping into your savings accounts
    • Not putting money away for your future
    • Working in a job that gives you no satisfaction
    • Not having a tough conversation with your partner

Remember – whatever you are tolerating, you are choosing.

Today is your opportunity to make a new choice.

Don’t become complacent with your frustrations like we did.

Raise your standards and you will raise the quality of your life.


Big Love,


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