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Published on 26 Jan, 2024
In today’s newsletter I’m going to show you my strategy for planning my days and weeks that helps me achieve more in one month than most people do in one year. If you follow this plan for 30 days you will put yourself ahead of the 95% of people who are coasting through life.   
The other day I was scrolling on X (formerly known as Twitter) and came across a question someone posted.
“What’s the best way to plan your day?” 
What a great question. 
I used to be like most people. Just going through the motions day after day. Not really getting anywhere. Stuck in a job I didn’t like. 
I was unaware that I had the power to control my destiny.
I was unaware of the power of putting pen to paper. 
I never knew what could happen to my life if I started to become intentional about how I invested my time. 
What I’m about to teach you is my strategy for planning my days and weeks.
This is how I build intention into my days so that I can make meaningful progress towards what I want. 
If you become intentional with your days and focus on the tasks that truly matter – then I guarantee you will be able to achieve more in one month than 95% of people do in one year.
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     1) Break Your Life Categories
Every Sunday I review my week and plan for the coming week in my Bible (A.K.A – My Diary).
Do yourself a favour and get one of these bad boys (J. Burrows A4 2 Pages to a Day 2024 Diary – Black). 
I break my life down into five major categories:
  • Content & Marketing
  • Coaching & Service
  • Business Projects
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Life
These are the areas of my life that are important to me or I want to get better at. 
Areas of life such as ‘health’ are important to me – but I don’t include this in my weekly planning because I don’t need to (anymore). My most important ‘health’ activities are already habits – they are part of my identity.
For the purpose of this step, your major categories are the areas of life you want to get better at. 
What are the most important categories of your life? 
     2) Write Down Your Important Tasks for the Week 
Under each of the five categories I write down the most important tasks I want to achieve in the coming week. 
Some tasks are always the same such as:
  • Creating my newsletter
  • Recording a new podcast episode
  • Attending Toastmasters
I check my Google Calendar and see what’s coming up for the week and write these activities into my weekly plan. 
Are you using Google Calendar or something similar?
If not, start today – this is a millionaire habit.  
In business I often have different projects I’m working on. I break these projects down into smaller tasks and add them to my weekly list to complete.  
This step helps bring order to my mind and structure to my week. 
What are your most important tasks in the categories of your life you identified? 
     3) Prioritise Three High-Value Tasks each day
If you’ve been in my 21 Day ‘Fix Your Finances’ Challenge before (Round 3 kicks off on the 7th of February) – you will know this is one of the five core habits I help you develop. 
This is one of the ultimate success habits you will ever build – and this task in and of itself will move you ahead of 95% of people in a very short time.   
From my weekly task list, I select three high-value tasks to focus on each day.  
I used to select these tasks in the morning of each day. However I’ve recently switched to planning these tasks the night before after I’m finished reviewing my day. I’ve found this approach to be far more effective. 
Because in the morning you don’t want to have to think about what you need to do – you want to get straight into execution. 
“To achieve this “habit of success,” you need only to focus on the most important tasks and succeed in each small task of each day. Enough of these and you have a successful week, month, year, and lifetime. Success is not a matter of luck. It can be predicted and guaranteed, and anyone can achieve it by following this plan.” ~ Earl Nightingale
     4) Execute Your Three Tasks
My top three tasks are the most important tasks of my day. 
I know if I execute these I will be making progress towards my goals. If you do this every day for a month you will complete almost 100 high-value tasks – that’s more than most people do in a year! 
The important thing is to execute these tasks one by one in order of most important to least important. Don’t half finish a task and then move on to the next. Build the habit of completion. 
I’ve found mornings are the best time for me to complete my high value tasks because my mind is clear. 
Distractions and disruptions are always a threat when you’re trying to complete your most important tasks for the day. So these are some rules I’ve implemented to help me stay focused and on task:
  • No checking my phone in the morning
  • Leave my phone out the office while I’m working
  • No meetings scheduled in the mornings
Once I’ve completed my high value tasks I know I have won the day.
    5) Review Your Task List
At the end of each day I review my top tasks and write down my top three tasks for the next day. 
I don’t always get all my top tasks done (I am a mere mortal after all), and that’s ok. I simply prioritise the task I didn’t complete for the following day. 
When Sunday rolls around again, I review my plan for the week. I tick of what was achieved and cross off what was not achieved. 
This helps me set my top tasks for the following week.
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James Clear is well-known for his philosophy of making small improvements in your life so you can become 1% better each day – and 1% better each day compounds into massive returns!
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“Small differences accumulate into significant advantages…those who are 1 percent better rule their respective fields and industries.”
When you become intentional with planning your days and weeks and focus on three high-value tasks to complete each day – you are putting yourself on the path to becoming 1% better each day. 
And this is what will separate you from the 95% of people who are coasting through life. 
Follow this strategy for 30 days and see how much your life changes. 
  1. Break Your Life Categories
  2. Write Down Your Important Tasks for the Week
  3. Prioritise Three High-Value Tasks each day
  4. Execute Your Three Tasks
  5. Review Your Task List
Big Love,

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