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Published on 24 Nov, 2023
When was the last time you did something that scared the sh*t out of you? 
Last Friday I recorded my first podcast interview episode with one of my most influential mentors, Lloyd J. Ross.


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Lloyd was the one who introduced me to Toastmasters. 
He told me Toastmasters was the best personal development he ever did! 
And it is one of the reasons why he is now a world class speaker and trainer. 
He planted the seed in me.
These were skills I wanted to develop and master. 
When we moved to Adelaide last year I joined two Toastmasters clubs. 
And I’ve been going every Wednesday night for the past 18 months to improve my speaking skills.  
During our podcast interview last Friday, I mentioned I was competing in a Toastmasters competition the very next day. 
You know what Lloyd said live on the podcast? 
“You know what you should do? You Should Facebook Live it!” 
You could FEEL the hesitation in my response…
“Ooo… yeah maybe, maybe…”
Delivering a speech at a Toastmasters competition is daunting enough.
But broadcasting the speech live on Facebook for everyone to see?
Now that’s the stuff of nightmares!
The speech I was preparing to give the next day was titled ‘Feel the Fear and do it anyway.’ 
It was about overcoming your fears and stepping outside your comfort zone. In this speech I shared the story of when Lloyd and his wife Alisha challenged me to play the Grand Piano in the Adelaide airport to overcome my fear. 
Now once again, Lloyd had given me a new opportunity to get uncomfortable and grow. 
How could I not accept this challenge from my mentor?
Saturday morning rolled around. 
I did my last minute preparation at home before heading to the city. 
The contest I was due to go live on FB was scheduled after the lunch break. 
Thankfully in the morning I competed in the ‘Humorous Speech Contest’ and came 1st place which helped build my confidence. 
During the lunch break I set up my tripod and connected my phone.
I asked the lady sitting next to me if she could click ‘GO LIVE’ on my Facebook app when I was about to commence.
Then I stood up, and waited in the wings for the contest chair to introduce me.
My heart was racing. 
I focused on my breath to help remain calm.  
I walked onto the stage.
And off I went.
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Growth NEVER feels comfortable.
I’ve often heard people say they value growth. But they never do anything that challenges them or makes them feel uncomfortable. 
Growth IS NOT reading a book or listening to a personal development podcast.
Growth is putting yourself in uncomfortable situations where you don’t know the outcome. 
Growth is about embracing uncertainty. 
And something I’ve learned on my journey is the more uncertainty you can handle, the more success you will have.
Big Love,

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