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Published on 5 Apr, 2024
“Where’s my wedding ring?”
This is what I thought as I looked down at my left hand.
It was at this moment Kaci shook me and woke me up from my dream. 
“Daniel, you’ve slept in!”
I checked my phone…  It was 5:40am.
Gym class was starting in 5 minutes. 
I was supposed to be going to the gym with my brother in law, Gordon.
This was not how I wanted to start my week.
It was Monday, the 1st of April – April Fools Day.
Life was making me look like a fool this morning!
I felt frustrated because I slept through my alarm.
I hastily got up (with a stinkin’ attitude) and walked into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like sh*t. Usually I would hop straight in the cold shower, but today I splashed cold water on my face.
Although I missed the gym class with Gordon, I made the decision that I would get up and train in their home gym.
So I put my gym clothes on. Went up the stairs. Made my morning drink. Gulped it down with a scoop of pre-workout. Then headed down to the gym. 
I felt flat. 
But as I started to move, my energy started to improve. 
I listened to a podcast with John Maxwell & Steve Harvey. Their words of wisdom blasted straight in my ears through the headphones. 
I started to sweat.
I felt the blood rushing to my muscles.
Their words were having a positive impact on my mindset.
After the podcast episode finished, I put down the weights. I left the gym. And jumped head-first into the cold shower. 
I felt victorious as the cold water rushed over my face. 
When life gives you lemons, it’s easy to get sh*tty, start complaining and go through your day feeling p*ssed off at everyone and everything. 
That’s where my day was headed.
Alternatively, you can grab the lemon by the throat, squeeze its juice in your morning brew, chug it down and use it as fuel for motivation.
On this day I chose the latter option.
And it felt damn good. 
You see, I’ve been in America the last week staying with my sister (Amelia), her husband (Gordon) and their new baby (Harvey).
It’s been incredible spending quality time with them. 
Seeing little Clifford and Harvey together has been priceless.
Image item
Readjusting to a new time zone on the other side of the world has been challenging.
I haven’t felt like myself.
My routine and sleep patterns have been thrown out of whack.
The time difference between here and Adelaide has messed with my mind. 
I’ve found it hard adjusting to a new lifestyle.
I’ve always been someone who craves structure and routine.
In the past, if my routine got interrupted I could let it ruin my day.
Has this happened to you before? 
But over the years, I’ve learned to become behaviourally flexible.
Instead of trying to control every situation, I’ve learned to adapt and ‘go with the flow’
Because sticking to strict regimes isn’t always possible. Life isn’t always going to give you perfect conditions. Especially when you’re in a new environment like we are right now.
If life has thrown you a lemon this week, don’t b*tch and moan.
Use it as fuel – to create, to motivate to forge ahead. 
Because your lemons can turn into valuable lessons.

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