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Published on 25 Aug, 2023

If you know me then you know I love to track things.

This week I crossed a significant milestone in one of my daily practices.

I ticked over 1,500 mornings in a row of cold showers


Weirdo right?

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Cold water exposure is said to have many health benefits such as:

    • Stronger immune system
    • Increased blood circulation
    • Reduced inflammation and muscle soreness

But that’s not why I’ve had a cold shower every morning for the past 1,500 days…

For me, it’s all about the mental benefits.


My cold shower practice helps me:


    • Build discipline
    • Build resiliency
    • Build consistency

I feel like I can conquer any obstacle in my day once I’ve had my cold shower.

Even on my worst days I can still go to bed feeling proud if I’ve had my cold shower.

Because it’s the one thing I know I can achieve even when I’m not feeling my best or my schedule is all over the place.

I remember back in August 2022, I woke up sick as a dog (later that day I found out I had COVID). Kaci and I had to get to a health clinic in the morning for an important IVF appointment.

After a couple hours of severe struggle-town in bed, I managed to drag my sorry arse out of bed and into the shower.

For a moment I thought I would take the easy route and blast the hot water to make me feel better.

But my programming kicked in…

I’d been doing cold showers for so long it was harder for me not to have a cold shower than it was to have one!

That’s because cold showers had become a part of my identity.

What do cold showers have to do with money mastery?



Money mastery is the journey of self-mastery.

The cold shower practice I’ve built has helped me master myself.

    • The discipline it takes to have a cold shower is the same discipline it takes to manage your money.
    • The resilience it takes to get in a cold shower even when you’re feeling like shit is the same resilience it takes to build a side-business while you’re still working full-time.
    • The consistency it takes to get in a cold shower every morning is the same consistency you need to learn a new high-value skill where you don’t see an immediate payoff.
      You don’t have to be a weirdo like me and have a cold shower every morning if you want to master your money.

But you must consistently do challenging things so you can build your character.


Big Love,


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