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Published on 22 Mar, 2024
Do you feel stuck at your current income level?
Do you beat yourself up because you’re not as far ahead as you think you should be?
Last week one of my peers in the online coaching space reached out to me for some support to upgrade their identity and belief system. 
They felt stuck at their current income level and wanted to grow to $20,000 per month consistently. 
They knew their current belief system and identity were not in alignment with their desired result. 
I took them through a 6-step process I created to help them shift their perspective and upgrade their identity so they could achieve the results they want.
You can use this exercise to help shift your own identity and achieve the results you want.
The first thing I did was draw three circles on the white board like this.
Image item
Step 1: Where are your current results?
I wanted to find out what their current results were in business and finances, I asked them:
  • How much do you currently earn per month?
  • What’s your biggest month to date?
They are earning $5,000 per month on average and their highest income month to date is $10,000. 
For a 26 year old to be building a business doing something they love and earning this kind of income is a fantastic result in and of itself!
Step 2: What results do you want to achieve?
The next thing I wanted to know was what results they wanted to achieve.
They had already stepped out of being an employee and were building a business they love. 
They wanted to get their income to $20,000 per month consistently. 
The gap between their current income ~$5k/month and their desired income ~$20k/month was significant.  
When we focus on the gap between where we are and where we want to be, we often feel like a failure. We put our goal up on a pedestal. We never feel satisfied with the progress we’re making. We forget about how far we’ve already come. 
This is what Entrepreneur & Author Dan Sullivan calls ‘living in the GAP’.
When you’re in the GAP you measure your progress against an ideal in the future. 
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Step 3: What were your past results?
To help them shift their perspective I wanted to get them ‘living in the GAIN’.
When we’re living in the GAIN we measure our progress from where we’ve been.
This is something we forget to reflect on.
And that’s why I wanted to unpack this with them. To help them realise how far they’ve already come. 
I asked them,
  • What were you doing for work 7 years ago?
  • What was your monthly income 7 years ago?
They told me 6 years ago they were 20 years old, and working as an employee at ‘Red Rooster’ earning around $2,000 per month.
I was like, “Dude! How crazy is it that you now run your own business which you love and your best month has 5X’d your former monthly income? That’s wild!”
A big smile wiped across their face.
You could see their energy shift. 
Instead of focusing on the results they didn’t yet have, they focused on what they had already achieved and how far they’d already come.
Now I was curious to understand how their identity and belief system had shifted over the past 7 years for their results to have changed so dramatically. 
Step 4: How has your identity shifted over the past 7 years?
Your results are the by-product of your identity and the actions you take.
With a fresh perspective they could see how far their results had shifted over the past 7 years. 
This means their identity and beliefs had to shift to experience this new reality they were living. 
So I asked them, “how has your identity and beliefs changed over the past 7 years to produce the results and life you now have?”
These are some of the statements they shared:
  • I am now consciously living
  • I am now athletic / have a great physique
  • I’ve increased my personal value
  • I am a learning machine
  • I am now in a 7 year committed relationship
  • I am more calm, disciplined and clear
  • I know the voice in my head isn’t me
  • I know I can earn an uncapped income
Two things they shared stood out to me the most.
  1. It’s easy to build my ideal physique
  2. My beliefs came through experiences
Why did these stand out?
Because these same beliefs can be applied to the new results they want to achieve with their business and finances.
There current beliefs were along the lines of:
“It’s hard to find clients, it’s hard to make money…”
But what if it were easy?
They said it’s easy to build their ideal physique. 
Why can’t it be easy to build their ideal business and income?
The other statement that stood out to me was “my beliefs came through experiences”.
We will unpack this in step 6. 
Step 5: What identity will lead to your future results?
You cannot create new results from your current level of thinking and acting.
Now that they had the awareness of how their identity and beliefs had shifted over the past 7 years, I wanted to help them see what identity upgrades they would need to produce their desired results.
To get them out of their logical mind, I took them through a role-play exercise so we could tap into their imagination.
I interviewed them as if we were in the future and they had already achieved the results they wanted. 
They were already their new identity. 
This is a very powerful exercise because your subconscious (where your identity lies) does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. 
During this interview while they were tapping into their imagination THEY WERE THEIR NEW IDENTITY. 
As they were speaking you could see and feel the shift in their energy. 
They answered my questions as if they had already lived it (because in their mind they had).
They gave themselves all the answers they were seeking. 
They were able to identify the character attributes and aligned actions they took to get them from their current results to their desired results. 
Step 6: Keep an evidence journal
Now they had identified who they needed to be and what they needed to do, I wanted to give them a practical action item to help them integrate and build their new identity.
Recall the statement they shared with me earlier.
“My beliefs came through experiences”
I love they shared this because what they’re saying is their beliefs changed because there was new evidence to support a new belief.
For example, every time you go to the gym you are stacking evidence for the person you want to become. 
You are reinforcing new habits, new beliefs and a building a new identity.
This same thinking can be applied to anything. 
I encouraged them to keep an ‘evidence journal’.
In their evidence journal they would note down each day the times when they were living in alignment with their new identity.
  • When they took aligned action
  • When they displayed character attributes of their new identity
  • When new results start to show up that are in alignment with their new identity
By stacking the evidence of who they want to become they will find themselves waking up one day and BEING that person. And then it’s only a matter of time for the results ($20,000 per month) to follow. 
The very next day new evidence was already showing up in their life.
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Now it’s YOUR Turn
If you want to achieve new results then you must build a new identity and take aligned actions.
Realise that your identity has already shifted significantly over the past 7 years.
Take some time today to reflect on where you were 7 years ago.
What results did you have?
How has your identity shifted since then?
When you reflect back on how far you’ve come you are living in the GAIN.
And this will give you the confidence to take the next leap to becoming the person you want to become.
To reinforce your new identity, keep an ‘evidence journal’ and write down each day the aligned actions you took and the character attributes you displayed. 
If you need support, reach out.
Sometimes you need a guide to help you extract the gold that is within you.

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