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Published on 9 Feb, 2024
In today’s newsletter you will learn about the four levels of consciousness. This model will help you identify where you’re currently operating from when it comes to your finances and what you must do to transcend to a higher level so you can experience more flow, fun and fulfilment in life.
Last weekend I was back in Bali for a 3-day business retreat.
If you’ve been to Bali before (or anywhere in South-East Asia) you would know how crazy the roads are.
It looks like absolute chaos! (atleast to us Westerners).
But somehow it just seems to FLOW.
You never see people getting angry.
You never see accidents.
Why is that?
It’s because the Balinese are living at a higher level of consciousness compared to us Westerners (when it comes to the roads and many other aspects of life).
On Day One of the retreat our trainer Zac Dixon took us through a powerful model called ‘The Four Levels of Consciousness’ and it’s something I want to share with you today.
The Four Levels of Consciousness: 
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Level 1: To Me (Victim)
The majority of the population operate from this level most of the time.
We’ve all been here.
I still slip back here from time to time.
At this level we’re not taking personal responsibility for our lives.
We play the BLAME game.
“Why does this always happen to me?”
“Nothing ever goes my way.”
“I can’t seem to catch a break.”
Life feels like it’s happening TO us. 
We are not yet aware we have the power to shape the direction of our life.
Level 2: By Me (Achiever)
If you’re reading this newsletter you’ve most likely evolved from Level 1 to Level 2.
At this level you’re striving for achievement. 
You have goals and you’re doing your best to make them happen.
But it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders trying to achieve them.
The problem at this level is the need for CONTROL.
Trying to do everything yourself.
Attached to the outcome.
Trying to control how your goals will come to fruition.
Sound familiar? 
This is where I was operating 12 months ago, and I still slip back into this state from time to time. 
Level 3: Through Me (Flow/Natural State)
This is the level we must aspire to reach if we want to experience more FLOW, fun and fulfilment in our lives.
To evolve to Level 3 we must learn to operate from a state of TRUST.
This level requires faith.
Faith in something much bigger than you – be that God, the Universe, Infinite Intelligence.
Whatever label you want to call it.
At this level we learn to flow with the currents of life, rather than trying to paddle upstream against the current (Level 2).
We recognise there are invisible powers at play conspiring to help us achieve our goals.
We learn the universal rules of the game and start living by them.
We understand we don’t need to force things to happen.
We set our intentions and allow life to fill in the details.
We regain our child-like playfulness. We’re having fun. We’re enjoying the journey.
Level 4: As Me (Transcendence)
If your goal in life is spiritual enlightenment then this is the level you will aspire to.
Very few people reach this level, although we may experience moments of this from time to time. 
To transcend to Level 4, we must discover and realise our connected-ness to everything. 
In this level we live and operate from a state of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
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Going back to our metaphor, can you see what level us Westerners operate from when it comes to the roads?
It’s very much Level 2 (Control).
And we often slip into Level 1 (Victim) when things don’t go our way on the roads.
Have you ever angrily tooted your horn when someone cut you off?
Have you ever blamed the traffic for making you late to an appointment?
I know I have.
The Balinese on the other hand clearly operate from Level 3 (Trust).
They respect each other, nature and their vehicles.
We can learn a lot from the Balinese.  
The Four Levels of Consciousness model can give you insights into where you’re currently operating from in your life. In some areas you may be in Level 3, whereas in other areas you may be operating from Level 1.
With this new awareness, where do you think you are currently operating from when it comes to your finances?
Are you blaming external factors for your lack of financial success? (Level 1)
Are you attached to your financial goals and trying to control how they will happen? (Level 2)
Or are you operating from a state of trust? Knowing what you want, but detached from how you will get there? (Level 3)
The journey towards your financial goals becomes so much better when we learn to consistently operate from Level 3.
At this level we can have more FUN and enjoy the journey.
Because after all, the destination is not what’s important. It’s how we dance and play along the road to our destination that defines a life well lived. 
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Namaste 🙏

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