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Published on 14 Jul, 2023
Published on 14 Jul, 2023
To win the money championship you must have a strong DEFENCE and a strong OFFENCE. 🏆
In the 21 Day ‘Fix Your Finances’ 🎯Challenge we focused on building your DEFENCE.
Our members focused on building defensive money habits like tracking their income and expenses by hand everyday. 
This brought new awareness to their spending habits and created shifts in their mindsets and behaviours around money.
It’s fair to say this challenge was a huge success!
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Now that we’ve worked on your defence, it’s time to get busy working on your OFFENCE.
Because there’s only so many expenses you can cut back on.
But your scoring potential is unlimited!
And you need to SCORE to win the money championship.
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The 21 Day ‘Business Breakthrough’ 👊 Challenge!
This challenge has been designed to help you build OFFENSIVE money habits. 
Habits that will lead to building your character, increasing your income and breaking through to a new level in your business. 
Now this challenge is made for online business owners who sell a product or service online.
I know this challenge will serve traditional business owners and even employees too!
In the 21 Day ‘Business Breakthrough’ 👊 Challenge you will focus on building seven core habits.
  1. Gratitude
  2. Writing down your most important goal
  3. Setting your top three high value tasks for the day
  4. Making three new connections / conversations per day
  5. Making three business offers per day
  6. Following up with three prospects per day
  7. Reflecting on your wins and learnings for the day
These seven core habits will lead to intangible breakthroughs in your mindset and tangible breakthroughs in your income and business. 
To help you get into a winning mindset so start your day I’ve created the ‘Business Breakthrough’ motivational audio. 
Our ‘FYF’ members LOVED the ‘FYF’ motivational audio.
And I reckon the ‘BB’ audio is even better!
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Now I know with absolute certainty if you commit 100% to this challenge you will have a breakthrough in your business or mindset within 21 days or less.
But if you don’t, you won’t…
The first cohort will be kicking off together on Tuesday the 1st of August.
The investment for the 21 Day ‘Business Breakthrough’ 👊 Challenge is $47.
Click the image below to join today.
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Big Love,

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