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Published on 7 Jun, 2024
If you don’t have a Vision for your Future you will walk around DEAD like a Zombie…
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That used to be me.
Walking into work on a Monday morning like a zombie from ‘The Walking Dead’.
Dragging my feet.
Head down.
I wasn’t living. 
I was going through the motions.
The only thing getting me out of bed was the fact I had to be at work at a certain time. 
Have you ever experienced this yourself?
That’s what life is like when you don’t have a vision for your future.
My first vision was simple. To become financially free. It’s an idea I fell in love with after reading the Barefoot Investor. 
This small vision gave me hope. It made me feel alive. It gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It gave meaning to my suffering. 
And funnily enough I actually started to enjoy work once I had a vision!   
Your Vision will remain a Fantasy if you’re Stuck in the Wrong Vehicle 
If you want to close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be you need a vehicle.
In fact, you may need several vehicles.
Take a moment right now to think about what vehicle you’re currently in.
Maybe it’s,
A job?
A business?
A training program?
I knew working as an engineer was not the right vehicle to move me towards my vision. 
It served its purpose. It gave me an opportunity to grow professionally. It got me outside my comfort zone. It allowed me to earn an income and save. 
But if I wanted to continue moving towards my vision, I had to change my vehicle.
That’s when I discovered the vehicle of coaching. 
The next pivotal vehicle on my journey. 
A vehicle that would introduce me to entrepreneurship, sales and marketing. A vehicle that would help me identify some of my gifts.
As I started to grow in this new vehicle, my vision started to grow with it.
Achieving financial freedom was still important to me, but I also wanted to make a difference. I wanted to use my gifts to add value to others.
I was inspired by the speakers and authors who impacted my life. And those speakers and books planted the seeds of who I wanted to become in my evolving vision.
Sometimes the Vehicle can come in the Shape of a Mentor  
A few months after quitting my engineering career to become a full-time coach, a new vehicle came into my life in the form of a mentor. 
A mentor is someone who has already achieved the results you want to achieve.
They are worth their weight in gold because they can fast-track your journey. 
This vehicle in the shape of a mentor introduced me to multiple new vehicles to help me on my journey towards my vision.
They introduced me to Network Marketing which taught me skills in leadership, business systems and leverage. And these skills helped me immensely in my coaching business and financial freedom journey. 
They introduced me to Toastmasters which helped me fast-track my development as an effective communicator, speaker and facilitator. 
They even introduced me to the vehicle of podcasting where I’ve been able to identify new gifts I didn’t even know I had!  

What vehicles have your mentors helped you master? 

Once you stop Growing it’s time to UPGRADE your Vehicle
Have you outgrown your vehicle?
Most people make the mistake of sitting idle in a vehicle that’s getting them nowhere fast.

I’m sure your current vehicle challenged you in the beginning, but has it now become your new comfort zone? 

If so, it may be time to look for an upgrade. 
The vehicles you choose must:
  1. Be challenging enough to help you grow
  2. Help you move one step closer towards your vision
When the vehicle no longer feels challenging or you’ve reached the next stop on your journey – GET OUT!

You don’t have to ‘marry’ a vehicle. 

Find a new vehicle to attach yourself to.

This could look like:

  • Learning a new skill to help you in your career
  • Joining a new community that aligns with your vision
  • Finding a new mentor to help you on the next step of your journey
But don’t make the mistake of jumping out of a vehicle too soon…
That’s another big mistake. 
The Antidote to Wandering Aimlessly through life like a Zombie
All you need is three ingredients:
  1. A compelling Vision to get you out of bed
  2. The right Vehicle to move you towards your vision
  3. A Mentor to guide you along your journey
Reply to this newsletter and let me know what vehicles you’re currently in or looking to jump into. 
Happy Friday,

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