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Published on 22 Dec, 2023
“Five years from now, you’re the same person except for the people you’ve met and the books you’ve read.” 
~ John Wooden
I’d never finished a book cover to cover until I was 24 years old.
I used to think “reading was for losers”… 
Boy, how wrong was I. 
Reading is like Religion to me now.
It’s a sacred experience where I get to go on a journey with someone who has put their life’s experience and knowledge into the contents of their book. I get to share their experience with them and learn from their failures and successes.  
Reading is hands down one of the most important habits I’ve ever built. 
The books I’ve read have shaped who I am today. 
In today’s newsletter, I will share the 5 most influential books I’ve read in 2023 (in no particular order).
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     1) Discipline is Destiny 
Self-discipline is arguably the most important character attribute you need to succeed in life.
Ryan Holiday is one of my favourite modern-day writers and this book is now my favourite he’s written. 
There’s no particular quote or story that sticks out in my mind from this book – but I remember how it made me feel
I felt inspired. 
It was the perfect book for me to kick off 2023. 
If you want to cultivate more self-discipline in your life in 2024 then add this one to your list. 
“A person who lives below their means has far more latitude than a person who can’t. That’s why Michelangelo, the artist, didn’t live as austerely as Cato but he avoided the gifts dangled by his wealthy patrons. He didn’t want to owe anyone. Real wealth, he understood, was autonomy.
     2) Outwitting the Devil 
Napoleon Hill is best known for his all-time classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’ where he shared the 13 steps to Riches.
After releasing ‘Think and Grow Rich’, Hill found people were still struggling to implement the 13 steps he shared. In 1938, Hill wrote ‘Outwitting the Devil’ to unpack the reasons why people struggled to implement the 13 steps of success.
The content of the book was considered too controversial for its time and was not published and released until 2011.  
The concepts I learnt in Outwitting the Devil have had a big impact on me. In particular the ‘hypnotic law of rhythm’ which I wrote about in this newsletter
If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the universal laws for success and failure then this book is a must.
“Remember that your dominating thoughts attract, through a definite law of nature, by the shortest and most convenient route, their physical counterpart. Be careful what your thoughts dwell upon.” 
     3) 10x is Easier than 2x
This is the philosophy taught by entrepreneurial coach Dan Sullivan and written by organisational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy.  
This book has had the biggest impact on my thinking this year. 
I used to think I had to DO MORE to achieve the success I wanted. 
But since reading this book, I’ve learned becoming successful is about doing LESS. 
It’s about identifying your ‘unique ability’.
And once found, you must have the courage to go ALL IN on your unique ability and let go of the 80% of activities you currently do (which represents your comfort zone). 
Going 10x is about QUALITY, not quantity.
Going 10x is about Mastery.
This will become a book I re-read many times. 
“What you most want and your Unique Ability are connected. You must embrace that you yourself are a unique individual. You’ve got to value your own uniqueness, which also means valuing and appreciating the uniqueness of everyone else. Committing to your Unique Ability—the thing you want to do and which excites you most—takes extreme commitment and courage. It takes not worrying about what anyone else thinks about what you do and how you live. You’ve got to fully bet on yourself. Although Unique Ability may come “naturally” to you, that is misleading.”
     4) $100m Leads 
If you’re a traditional business owner, online business owner or have the aspiration to be in business one day then this book is a must for you.
Alex Hormozi broke the internet earlier this year with the launch of this book.
Hormozi is a business and marketing genius, and the methods he teaches in this book are the methods he used to promote and launch this book. 
He walks his talk. 
Hormozi’s gift is simplifying the game of business, and in his latest work he simplifies the game of ‘lead generation’ – how to get strangers to want to buy your stuff.   
Through the use of personal stories, simple imagery and actionable steps Hormozi brings his teachings to life. 
This book is now my ‘Bible’ for advertising and marketing wisdom.  
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     5) Three Simple Steps
I stumbled across Trevor Blake when I heard him interviewed on a podcast with Tej Dosa.
Immediately I felt connected with his story and his ideas.
Trevor came from a poor background and was bullied in school – he found refuge in the library reading biographies of self-made men and women that filled him with hope of a better life. 
From reading these biographies, Trevor uncovered patterns all these self-made people had in common.
In this book, Trevor unpacks the three simple steps you can take to achieve success in your life and business:
  1. Control your Mentality
  2. Take quiet time and connect with nature
  3. Create winning ideas and turn them into reality
“In every biography, I recognized how each person had to become a master of their mentality in order to get out of the quicksand of their life. Key to that control was their ability to think and react as an individual, and not as a group, society, or trend dictated.”
I’ve read 22 books in 2023, but these 5 have had the most influence on me:
  1. Discipline is Destiny
  2. Outwitting the Devil
  3. 10x is Easier than 2x
  4. $100M Leads
  5. Three Simple Steps
What have been the most influential books you’ve read in 2023? 
Big Love & Merry Christmas,

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