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Want to see if you’re a great fit to work with Daniel?

Want to see if you’re a great fit to work with Daniel?



“Working with Daniel Marshall has been an absolute game-changer”

After running my own business for years and building a lifestyle I love, I knew it was time to really double down on not only my earning potential, but my money management skills.

Over the years I realised that it didn’t matter how much I was earning, it still seemed like enough
wasn’t enough. My money was going somewhere and the week-to-week living created more
pressure than I desired.

Daniel has completely changed my relationship to money, how to manage it and ultimately what
financial freedom looks like as a mapped out plan.

I feel calm, confident and certain about my financial situation and can see the results in the money left over each week.

My wife and I’s net worth is increasing every week and learning to invest money for long term reward has been something I’ve wanted to do for years.
Daniel’s approach is down-to-earth yet straight to the point at the same time.

I already have and will continue to recommend Daniel to anyone who is looking to take control of
their financial situation to feel confident and certain when it comes to their money.


Founder of ‘Drink Less Feel Fresh’

Before working with Daniel, I was feeling overwhelmed with my money and financial situation. Although I had a basic plan for my immediate bills, there wasn’t really anything else happening with my income. My financial situation was stale, and was in desperate need of a kick-start in the right direction.

Since beginning with Daniel, I have a clear, realistic and responsible plan for my finances. Every single cent from my income has a home and can be accounted for. Not only that, but I have learned what true financial freedom is and how, with the right tools and systems in place, it can be easily achieved.

What I love most about working with Daniel is the non-judgemental, empathetic, but also down-to-business approach he embodies. Daniel has a genuine passion for setting people up for success and has an amazing ability to empower you through his skills and knowledge.

The results I have achieved so far have been fantastic. Each month, my net worth is growing as I pay off debt and invest for the future. I have learned how to change my mindset and language surrounding my financial situation, and be excited to make my money work for me!

If you have thought about doing some work with Daniel, all I can say is do not hesitate. Daniel’s sessions are extremely valuable and his holistic approach will support you not just financially, but in all other areas of your life. His passion and energy is contagious and will be the driving force to helping you achieve true financial freedom.

I highly recommend getting in contact with him even if you think your finances are going well. You’d be surprised how much more you can make your money easily grow. In the future, I also plan on setting up sessions for my older children, so they can learn how to manage their money from an early age, build positive and healthy money habits and set themselves up for their own financial freedom.

If anyone is sitting on the edge about reaching out, do not feel embarrassed. Daniel makes it super easy and super comfortable to do so.


Dan is a wonderful coach who really helped my partner and I open the dialogue on money, particularly joining our finances. He took a holistic approach and held a safe space for us to talk not only about our financial goals, but how we see our lives unfolding in the immediate future.

He has a calm and warm approach and made us feel comfortable to speak about everything; it truly was a safe space.

We’ve walked away with a lot of ‘food for thought’ and a more comfortable platform to continue the dialogue on our joint financial position.


“We heard about Daniel’s financial coaching through a work colleague and after a lot of positive feedback decided to give it ago.⠀

So far it’s been a very worthwhile experience and Daniel has helped us to change our views on money and set up better structures for our family moving forward.⠀

We are still only a few weeks in but Daniel has helped us to set our accounts better, save for future goals, help us pay our house off quicker and look for ways to invest better for long term benefits.⠀

We are excited to see what else will be achieved in the coming weeks with Daniel’s guidance.”



“Before I started working with Daniel, I thought I had structure in my finances… I didn’t.

I was saving for the sake of saving but there was no clear goal on what the savings were for.
Now I am paying myself first and have different accounts for different goals.

I feel like if I had met Daniel last year, I would be in a much better position financially.

Saying ‘yes’ to working with Daniel has probably been the best decision that I’ve made this year!

I see this as an investment in myself and my future”



Snap Fitness Franchisee

Since working with Daniel, I have unlocked a part of myself that I didn’t know I had; a part of me that is interested in setting myself and achieving kicking financial goals!

I was often living pay to pay and being carefree with my income once bills were paid (for the most part lol) but Daniel has helped me to refocus, build confidence in taking positive risks to help kick the debt and encouraged me to consider what I can do in the short term, to set me up for the long term.

Not only is Daniel a great financial coach, but he listens to my random, crazy ideas and encourages me to think about how those crazy ideas can morph into something of a real deal side hustle!

Rather than being a passenger, I feel I’m the one in the driver’s seat, more invested in taking control of achieving the financial future I want for myself!


Since beginning this work with Daniel, our lives have shifted in a very positive and exciting way. He has helped us grow more than we ever imagined both individually and as a couple.

When we originally reached out for Daniel to help with our finances, we just wanted to get back on track financially and gain some knowledge on how to set ourselves up for the future. What we got was so much more than that!

The knowledge that Daniel had mixed with his present and caring approach when coaching is truly a gift and we are very grateful to have crossed paths. After each session we found ourselves feeling both accomplished and inspired to be better not only financially, but in all aspects.

We cannot thank Daniel enough for educating us with the tools, knowledge and skills we needed to turn our lives around and set us up for success.


I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Daniel Marshall Coaching to anyone who wants to gain the tools and processes that they can use personally and professionally to improve all aspects of their life and gain momentum, purpose, clarity and direction to accomplish their life goals and dreams.


Tyrone Harris

SIMEC Terminal Facilities Superintendent

We always knew we didn’t want to live pay to pay and wanted to set ourselves up for the future but this was something we always spoke about and never actioned.

Since our meetings with Daniel, not only has he helped us find our feet and get some direction with our finances, but he has done it with such a great positive attitude and we always finish the sessions feeling great.



Paid off over $14,000 of Bad Debt in 3 Months

We were caught up in a whirlwind, but Daniel made things a breeze. With a simple, straightforward system and language we could understand, he helped us to better manage our money and create savings we didn’t know we had.


Daniel made me feel comfortable to talk openly about my finances, as well as asking key questions to help me think about my short and long term goals I want to achieve.

I highly recommend everyone book an appointment with Daniel even if you don’t have any debts, as he helped me create financial possibilities I didn’t think I’d be able to achieve!



Ready to take action towards your financial goals?

Book in your complimentary 30 minute session with Daniel

Ready to take action towards your financial goals?

Book in your complimentary 30 minute session with Daniel