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Published on 8 Mar, 2024
Would you rather be known as a hard worker or someone who is consistent? 
Last week I interviewed ‘Emotional Fitness Expert’ Joe Pane on the podcast.
Joe has been in the coaching and training space for 18 years and has trained over 7,000 coaches and consultants (including me) in ‘Extended DISC’ Behavioural Profiling and his ‘Emotional Fitness Formula’. 
He is truly a master at his craft.
I love finding out the challenges and setbacks people face on their journeys to becoming successful in their chosen fields. 
I asked Joe:
“People don’t see all the hard work, the hours, the energy that goes into the building of ‘the overnight success’. What were some of the challenges, some of the battles you faced in the first couple years of your journey?”
Joe’s response intrigued me. 
“I don’t think it’s hard work, I think it’s consistency.”
“I’ve never viewed myself as a hard worker, I’ve viewed myself as a consistent person… I’m the most consistent person I know.”
I felt deeply connected to Joe’s response because I too have never viewed myself as a hard worker.
In fact, I feel like I’m a tad on the lazy side if anything…
But like Joe, I see myself as a consistent person.
I’ve always been consistent in activities that are important to me.
Activities like writing this newsletter to you each week (this is edition #118 and I haven’t missed a week).
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I like Justin Welsh’s thoughts here.
Rather than ‘working hard’ and ‘looking busy’ – I believe it’s more important to identify the high-value activities that matter to you and then build consistency with them.
This is Pareto’s Principle – 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. 
If you identify your needle-moving activities and commit to showing up consistently then your results will compound over time and one day you will wake up an ‘overnight success’.
What’s the 20% of stuff that actually matters to you?
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You see this all the time in the health space.
I remember back in my early 20s I wanted to get shredded so I thought I’d speed up the process by training three times a day… 
I would train before work, on my lunch break and after work.
I sustained this intensity for about a week. 
Then I was left feeling burnt out, tired, and found myself laying on the couch scoffing my face with a bag of Doritos… 
This kind of intensity is not sustainable. 
Doing the basics consistently is the key to long-term results.
Want to become strong, fit and healthy?
Go to the gym three times per week.
Want to build financial wealth?
Invest a portion of your income every month into cashflow producing assets.
Want to improve your communication and leadership skills?
Join a Toastmasters Club and go every week. 
What area of life do you want to build your consistency in?

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