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Published on 16 Feb, 2024
In this newsletter you will learn about the seven principles you can adopt if you want to start living your life in a state of flow (but only if you’re willing to let go of control). 
Last week I introduced you to the Four Levels of Consciousness. 
If you missed this Newsletter you can read here.
What level are you operating from when it comes to your finances?
As I shared last week, if you want to experience more fun, fulfilment and flow in your finances and your life then you must aspire to consistently operate from Level 3.
So how do you do this?
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     1) Know what you want
Do you know what you really want?
Most people don’t.
We’ve been programmed to chase after goals that were determined by our parents, peer group or society. 
For a long time I didn’t know what I wanted. 
I fell into a career in mechanical engineering. My parents thought this was a good path for me. Society says that engineering is a sought-after career. But I was miserable and empty. 
This path helped me realise what I didn’t want. 
I would look at people in their 50’s and 60’s in my field and think to myself – “if I don’t make any changes, this is where I’m headed. Is that what I want?”
The answer was a big fat ‘NO’. 
Once I started to gain clarity on what I wanted – life started to feel more enjoyable because I was moving towards something I wanted. 
Getting clarity on what you want doesn’t happen overnight. 
It’s a journey.
It requires leaning into things that interest you. 
It requires walking down an unfamiliar path. 
It requires meeting new people.
What is it you really want?
     2) Detach from the outcome
Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurt?
When I first started my coaching journey I wanted to get new clients.
I would hop on sales call after sales call after sales call.
And every time I would get rejected.
I was attached to the outcome (getting the sale). 
When you’re attached to an outcome, you give off ‘neediness’ energy.
People can FEEL that energy. 
They are repelled from that energy.
It’s just like dating. 
If you’re attached to the outcome (going on a date with the person you fancy), it will never happen. 
They will pick up on your energy.
So how do we detach from the outcome? 
One way that’s worked for me is adopting the mindset of ‘indifference’. 
If I achieve my outcome  – cool.
If I don’t achieve my outcome – also cool.
Either way I’m not bothered. 
When you don’t need what you want, you will get what you want.
     3) Live like it has already happened
Most people believe they have to wait until they achieve success until they can start enjoying life. 
But this is not true. 
You don’t want what you want. 
You want the FEELING of what you want. 
And you can experience this feeling before you receive what you want.
In my podcast interview with New York Times Best-Selling Author & Serial Entrepreneur Trevor Blake he spoke about a technique he uses called ‘window-shopping’ that is helpful.
What is window-shopping?
It’s immersing yourself in a feeling/experience that gives you a taste of what it will feel like once you’ve achieved your desired outcome. 
For example, say you want to hit a new revenue milestone in your business, how would you celebrate once you hit it?
You might buy a new outfit and take your partner out for a delicious meal at a fancy 5-star restaurant and crack an expensive bottle of bubbly. 
You can experience this feeling on a smaller scale without breaking your budget by adopting the ‘window-shopping’ strategy.
Get dressed up. Go to the bar at the fancy 5-star restaurant and order a drink.
You can immerse yourself in the environment of where you see your future self.
This will help you feel comfortable in this new environment. 
What would you do to celebrate once you’ve achieved your most important goal?
How can you start getting a taste of that on a small scale right now?
     4) Celebrate every outcome
I struggle with this one the most.
When things don’t go my way I can drop my head and start talking bad about myself and my circumstances.
But this attitude stops us from living our life in flow. 
What if we train ourselves to celebrate when things don’t go our way?
Let’s say an unexpected bill comes your way.
Instead of saying “FFS! Why does this always happen to me? Now I have to dig into my emergency fund.”
What if you said “F yeah! I’m so grateful I have built the financial discipline to build my emergency fund and I can cover this unexpected expense with ease. This will be a great lesson I can share with someone in the future!”
Try this one on next time something doesn’t go your way.
     5) Live in a state of gratitude
There’s a reason why gratitude is one of the five core habits in the Fix your Finances Challenge.
Gratitude is one of the ultimate states to operate from. 
When we’re coming from a place of gratitude – good things, people and opportunities flow into our life.
When we’re feeling frustrated and angry – we put a kink in our water hose. We stop the flow. 
Just last week I found myself in a funk. 
Things weren’t going my way. I felt frustrated and bitter. I’d put a kink in my hose. 
So I sat down and took some time to write down what I was grateful for and what good things had happened to me that day.
You wouldn’t believe what happened next. 
As I was searching for one last good thing that happened to me – I opened up my phone and at the very moment I checked it I received an email notification saying someone had bought one of my programs!
I sat back with a big smile on my face and started laughing.
It was the perfect example of why gratitude is so important and how it can help you get back to living life in flow.
     6) Surrender the need to know
I used to be someone who had to know all the details before making a decision. 
I would be too afraid to set a goal because I didn’t know how it would unfold.
I wanted to control everything. 
Can you relate? 
When you operate from a state of flow you let go of the need to know and the need for control.
You learn to operate from a state of trust and faith.
When I quit my engineering career I had no idea how it was going to unfold. But I took the leap of faith and trusted I would be able to work it out as I went. 
This principle reminds me of something Steve Jobs once said:  
“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” 
     7) Let go of any doubt
I believe the reason why most people don’t achieve their big goals or intentions is because subconsciously they doubt they can do it.
Doubt is debilitating. 
When doubt is dwelled upon it creates fear and anxiety. 
And you can not live your life in flow and achieve great things when you’re operating from fear.  
If I look back on my own journey, I’ve had many doubts creep into my mind. 
But I never doubted my ability to succeed in the long-run
I knew if I continued to show up and do the work – I would be able to achieve success in my chosen pursuits. 
If you look at the all-time greats they knew well before it was a fact that they would achieve their desired outcome – and they lived their life that way.   
Mohammad Ali would claim “I am the greatest” well before he was recognised as the greatest boxer of his time.
Arnold Schwarzenegger would see himself standing on stage as a bodybuilding champion well before he was crowned Mr. Olympia and he acted that way.  
There was no doubt in their minds.
They knew they were just waiting for time to catch up to the reality they had been living in their minds for many years. 
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Which principle do you feel like you are struggling with the most? 
  1. Know what you want
  2. Detach from the outcome
  3. Live like it has already happened
  4. Celebrate every outcome
  5. Live in a state of gratitude
  6. Surrender the need to know
  7. Let go of any doubt
Choose one to work on this week.
Go with the FLOW,

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