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Published on 11 Aug, 2023

In today’s Newsletter I will share with you what I learned from reading the book ‘10X is Easier than 2X’ by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Shoutout to my business coach Ryan Drake  who gave me a copy.

What if you could achieve MORE by doing less?


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Sounds crazy right?

This is what this book teaches.

I used to think going 10X meant you had to do 10X more work!

That’s what Grant Cardone always preached.

Do 10X the actions.

Work 10X harder than everyone else.

And you will get 10X results.

I never resonated with Grant Cardone’s message.

But the message of ‘10X is Easier than 2X’ resonated with me deeply.

This book helped me understand that going 10X IS NOT about working harder.

It’s about doing less.

But the less you do is of significantly higher quality.

Going 10X is about mastery.

I now understand another important reason why setting big-impossible goals is far more effective than setting low-achievable goals.

There are limitless ways you can achieve a 2X goal.

But there are very few paths to achieve a 10X goal.

“Seemingly impossible or massive goals are highly practical because they immediately separate what works from what won’t, illuminating the few paths that have the greatest efficacy.”

By setting a 10X goal you immediately eliminate a bunch of 2X strategies.

You realise what activities don’t matter.

Pareto’s Principle says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions.

This principle goes hand-in-hand with the philosophy of ‘10X is Easier than 2X’.

If you want to go 10X you need to identify the 20% of your actions that produce 80% of your results.

But first, you must have a specific goal you’re working towards.

Because the goal will determine the 20% you must focus on.

Once you’ve discovered your 20%, you must courageously let go of the 80%.

Letting go of the 80% is the hardest part.

Because the 80% represents your comfort zone.

“When you’re 2x, you don’t want to rock the boat. You don’t want to face hard truths in the mirror. You’re committed to your 80 percent, which is your comfort zone, culture, and habitual way of operating.”

As I was reading this book, I opened up a Google Doc and started to reflect on some of the 10X moves I’ve made in my life to date.

    • When I changed my relationship with alcohol I went 10X
    • When I quit my engineering career I went 10X
    • When I hired my first Virtual Assistant I went 10X
    • When I stopped playing football and moved to Adelaide I went 10X
    • When I became a father I went 10X

All of these moves required courage.

All of these moves required letting go of my 80% to focus on my 20%.

All of these moves resulted in significant growth.

Since reading this book I now use the 10X philosophy as a tool to help me shift my perception around everything I do.

Action Steps:


1. Identify the 20% of your current actions that are producing 80% of your results.

2. Identify the 80% of your current actions you must let go of to go to the next level.

3. As a thought experiment, 10X your most important goal. What would you have to focus on to achieve this? What would you have to let go of?



Big Love,

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