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Published on 5 Jul, 2024
“Maintaining organization in the face of chaos is not easy. The only way to make things orderly again is to add energy. Order requires effort.” 
I wish I paid more attention at Uni.
I didn’t appreciate how principles from one field can be applied universally. 
When I studied mechanical engineering we learnt a subject called ‘Thermodynamics’ which is the science of energy and heat transfer.
This was a subject that put me to sleep… 
How was this going to help my most important goal of getting absolutely sh*t-faced on the weekend? 
Little did I know, I was falling subject to the second law of thermodynamics… 
Which states:
“The state of entropy of the universe, as an isolated system, will increase over time.”  source
What does this mean?
Everything in life moves towards a state of disorder unless it’s acted upon by an intentional opposing force 
Let me give you some examples.
If you don’t maintain your garden – your grass will be riddled with prickles and the weeds will take over and strangle your plants – this is your garden moving towards a state of disorder over time. 
This is entropy.  
Have you ever walked by an abandoned house?
You would have noticed smashed windows and graffiti all over the walls – it looked like a place where junkies would go to shoot up. 
This is entropy
My office is another good example. 
I have ‘stuff’ all around me. I’ve been slack in maintaining and cleaning my office space – so it’s moved towards a state of mess and chaos.
This is entropy.
Or how about this one,
Scrolling social media or checking your emails on your phone as soon as you wake up. This immediately creates an unfocused mind and leads you towards disorder in your day.
This is entropy
You can’t stop the fact that everything in your life is subject to the law of entropy
But you can combat the effects and reverse entropy. 
“Combatting entropy requires energy. When you clean a messy house, you use energy to return the house to a previous, simpler, tidier state. This is why entropy is nature’s tax. You need to expend energy just to maintain the current state. Failing to pay nature’s tax means things get more complicated, disorganized, and messier.” 
If your office space looks like it could be featured on ‘Hoarders’ then you can get off your a** and clean it up. 
If your belly is bulging over your belt-line then you can cut the junk food and go for a run.
If your mind feels like there’s two monkeys playing ping pong while you’re trying to work, then you can shut down your 1000’s of tabs you’ve left open and leave your phone in another room…
Image item
I’ve spoken to 100’s of people over the past five years about their finances.
I’ve seen the effects of entropy playing out with their money.
It’s an area of life so many people neglect.
Just because you earn good money does not mean you are immune to the effects of entropy. 
  • Your finances are like a garden that must be cared for
  • Your finances crave structure and organisation
  • Your money wants direction and focus
My role as a financial coach and mentor is to help you reverse the effects of entropy on your finances by helping you create structure, order and focus.
If you want to reverse the effects of entropy on your finances then there’s a couple ways I can help you.
1. You can join my FREE community where you can access trainings and templates on how to manage your money
2. You can work with me 1:1 where I can give you specific guidance 
Have a great weekend,

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