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Published on 2 Jun, 2023

Last week I shared with you the 21 Day ‘Fix your Finances’ Challenge 🎯 I’m running.

Since then 50+ legends have joined the challenge and it is now sold out!


Because you have been a loyal reader of my newsletter for a long time now, I want to give you one last opportunity to join the challenge before we kick off on Monday.

Click the image above to join today.

Last weekend I went to the Sunshine Coast for intimate business training with some of my mentors. I felt incredibly lucky to be personally invited to this event.

10 minutes before the event kicked off on Sunday morning, Andrew Logan (the host) asked me if I could open up the event…

There’s nothing quite like being thrown in the deep end!

Of Course, I said ‘YES’.

Thankfully I’ve put in the preparation so that I could seize a great opportunity like this.

Because you never know when an opportunity will be thrown your way, but it’s up to you to make sure you are PREPARED when that opportunity presents itself.

What opportunities have you been preparing yourself for? 

On the flight home from the Sunshine Coast, I listened to a great podcast. 

Lewis Howes interviewed Jaspreet Singh who is an attorney, CEO, and investor. 

In this episode, they unpacked Jaspreet’s ‘5-Step Formula to Retire Early’.

Rather than passively listening, I decided to open up a Google Doc on my phone and take notes.

Here is what I wrote down. 👇

Step 1: How to spend your money

How does the economic system work?

Part 1: The economy (biz)
Part 2: Investors 
Part 3: Consumers 

Most people are ONLY consumers.

75/15/10 Spending System: 

75% = To Spend on Living 
15% = To Investing
10% = To Save

Step 2: How to grow your money 

Broke vs wealthy mindset: 

  • Make money to spend money vs make money to grow money 
  • Educated vs emotional decisions

Where to put your money?

  • Superannuation /401K /IRA
  • Passive vs active opportunities 
  • Passive Options

                    – Automatic, simple, consistent 
                    – Stock Market (ETFs)
                    – Real Estate (REITs)


  • Active Options

                    – Your own business 
                    – Stock Market
                    – Real Estate 
                    – Private Business 


People assume success will be instant.
Lack of patience. 
Not being on the same page as your spouse.


Invest when the market is up AND down.
A decade of sacrifice.
Cash flow funds the guac flow! 
Pain creates wisdom.
How much you put in, time and the return on your investment are the three factors that influence your investment.


  • 7% cash on cash return (not including capital appreciation) 
  • Talk to locals in areas you want to buy property (barista at the coffee shop etc)
  • Look for value-add deals (renovations)

Stock Market:

  • Research individual companies 

Step 3: How to save your money 

Save strategically.
3 to 12 months of expenses.
Understanding Needs vs Wants
Understanding Assets vs Liabilities 
Not justifying liabilities as assets! 

Step 4: How to earn more money 

Fuel to the fire.
Most people look for quick and easy.
There’s no such thing as getting rich quickly.
You’ve got to put in the work!
Work hard AND smart!
Business owners DO NOT clock off at 5 pm.
You need to be unbalanced FIRST before you can be balanced.
Side Hustle mistake – trying to do too many things at once. Focus on one and scale.
You can’t beat somebody who keeps standing up.

Step 5: How to protect your money  

1. Taxes. 

Not all income is treated the same.
Earned income = from your job.
Portfolio income = from selling your stock.
Passive income = from your investments 

Earned income is taxed highest.
Taxes are most people’s biggest expense!
Real estate is one of the best tools to reduce your tax.  
Have a good accountant and attorney on your side.

2. If you have a biz idea, protect yourself.

Protect your idea.
Trademark your ideas. 
Buy property under LLC structures.

How do you protect your equity in property?

  • Loan from personal account instead of giving from personal account 

3. Estate planning:

Get a will.
Get a trust.

Knowing how you want to give back.
When you have more you can give more. 

If my notes sparked your interest and you want to listen to the full episode then click the link below. 👇

‘5-Step Formula to Retire Early’ with Jaspreet Singh (The School of Greatness Podcast). 

I look forward to speaking with you next week.

Big Love,

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